Bookkeeper Training Program:

Looking for a “job” that will be close to home, offer flexible hours and a decent pay?? Why not consider developing a skillset that will allow you to be your own boss, work from home and charge $50++ per hour….become a bookkeeper!

Our curriculum is designed by a CPA who spent the last 18 years seeing owner operators desperate need for quality bookkeepers with no good options.  You see, there is a difference between data entry, bookkeeping and between software experts and bookkeepers!  Data entry is getting all the numbers going in and the numbers coming out, with a reconciliation process each month. In this systematic process, things such as expenses v. assets, expenses v. loan repayments, “uncleared checks and deposits” are rarely considered.

Quality bookkeepers should know what a balance sheet is and its meaning, the distinction between assets v. expenses, intercompany loan reconciliations, proper payroll entries, month end accrual calculations, etc.

Courses offered:

  • Basic Bookkeeping Level 1: Data entry; capturing and reconciling activity
  • Basic Bookkeeping Level 2: Basic accounting formula and concepts
  • Basic Bookkeeping Level 3: Accrual accounting; tracking receivables and payables
  • Advanced Bookkeeping: From Bookkeeper to controller; month end closing procedures, understanding basic financial statements and how to grow your business, where to get clients and referrals.

Our training program is designed to develop quality bookkeepers, equipped with the knowledge to produce complete and accurate basic financial statements, for business owners to utilize and consider when making business decisions.  Our bookkeepers are taught live, using real life relevant examples so they can learn to determine how to properly treat various transactions.  We teach them the basic accounting concepts, including an understanding of the basic financial statements, to ensure they can properly capture the various activity of a business.  Most importantly, we teach our bookkeepers to review their own work, look at the basic financial statements of the company regularly and communicate with the owners about anomalies.

So whether you know nothing about bookkeeping or you’re already providing bookkeeping services but can’t seem to get enough work; attend our program and learn what company owners in our local markets are looking for and where to get the referrals from.