What is bookkeeping:

Bookkeeping involves the process of systematically retrieving, recording, analyzing and interpreting the financial transactions of a business or an individual.  Adequate books and records are necessary for a business owners to make sound and timely business decisions.

For so many, maintaining the books and records is either intimidating or simply not the best use of your time.  Many business owners are busy “doing the work” and simply don’t have adequate time to spend on record keeping.  It often means late nights with a pile of papers and much frustration.  So let The Gelinas Group take the burden away and provide you with the processes and tools necessary for making good business decisions: accurate and timely financial information! Not to mention, the books are “tax ready” at all times, allowing you and your tax advisor to plan and control taxes.

Bookkeeping services are provided remotely and comprises of a wide variety of services such as:

  • Streamline processes to facilitate the remote bookkeeping service using secure data exchange portals.
  • Accounting for invoice factoring.
  • Track current accounts receivable and accounts payables.
  • Implement and design accounting systems where needed.
  • Review and revise the chart of accounts to be complete and relevant to the company and industry.
  • Automate systems with online banking feed.
  • Customize accounting systems to properly account for different locations, product lines, or service offerings.
  • Design data management systems to safeguard receipts and source documents needed for future retention.
  • Credit card expense tracking and liability reconciliation through automated bank feed.
  • Maximize tax deductions.
  • Trust account bookkeeping for attorneys and lawyers.
  • Record activity for each account and provide account reconciliation reports.
  • Provide job costing to capture profits by project extremely useful for the construction industry.
  • Property management bookkeeping, with complete rent rolls tracking.
  • Provide recurring standard financial reports for management use such as Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Statement of Cash Flows.

The many benefits of outsource bookkeeping are first and foremost access to timely and accurate financial information for everyday business decisions. Facilitate cash flow management, and having accurate information readily available to discuss with tax advisors, bankers and other professionals.

Our goal is to relieve the burden of bookkeeping to business owners, while providing complete, accurate and timely financial information so they can make calculated decisions for their company, their family and their future.

Full Charge Outsourcing Bookkeeping:

  • Bill Paying Services.
  • General Ledger Review.
  • Accounts Payable.
  • Accounts Receivable.
  • Sales Tax Tracking and Remittance.
  • Credit Card Expense Tracking and Liability Reconciliation Through Automated Bank Feed.
  • General Ledger Accounting.
  • Account Reconciliations.
  • Loan Amortization.
  • Fixed Asset Management.
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Year-end Closings.
  • Job Costing.
  • Class and location tracking.
  • Preparation of 1099 for Subcontractor