Business advisory services:

While many entrepreneurs and business owners are busy running the business, getting new clients, managing projects, etc., there is often very little time left to analyze the company’s financial statements to understand where the company is and where it’s going. Large companies have accountants on staff, in the role of controller or even Chief Financial Officer (CFO) which are highly paid individuals trained in financial analysis.  Many owner operated businesses simply don’t have a need for a full-time person of that caliber but they still have a need for the services they provide.

So this is where The Gelinas Group can help!

Once proper bookkeeping systems are in place, we can work with the owners to see the financial position of the company on paper and begin to develop goals to grow the overall wealth of the company and its owners.


Business advisory services are provided by experienced accountants, CPAs and CMAs, all highly trained individuals in accounting and qualified to fill in the role of a full time CFO for small to mid-size companies.  Instead they chose to help many companies on a part time basis.

Advisory services provided:

  • Provide interim controller services for short term replacement needs.
  • Ongoing fractional CFO services, provided on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Provide customized individual bookkeeper training to elevate the skills of the current bookkeeper/controller for the specific needs of the company and its owners.
  • Analyze financial data for profit enhancement opportunities.
  • Assist with debt covenant reporting.
  • Prepare projections and forecasts for planning and growth.
  • Design and implement budgets.
  • Evaluate accounting department needs, including recruiting and training.
  • Design and implement accounting processes and procedures to promote internal controls.
  • Develop a viable exit strategy.
  • Prepare the company for sale by working to improve EBITDA.